Alan Freeling, an idealistic inventor, discovers the ultimate energy source. Upon doing so he opens the door to a covert agency that funnels its every resource into destroying Alan’s life and hiding this new technology. Their objective is to erase Alan and his family by any means necessary. In a turn of events, Robert Skotak, one of the top officials at the agency, decides that this discovery is too important and he has been part of the cover-up much too long. Skotak pulls Alan from the clutches of certain death. In doing so, he has become a hunted target himself. Exploring the limits of human endurance and the deepest form of betrayal Alan battles to save his family and his life from “The Incorporated.”
—Gerard Dupuis

Alan Freeling works in a laboratory investigating possible new power plants. After several years of investigation and with the faithful collaboration of his friend Robert Skotak he obtains the waited results, the discovery of a new energy source. But Alan is left by his friend and discovers that the company for which works is a cover of the government, dedicated to destroy the discoveries on new forms of energy. Alan must escape of the claws of the government to protect to his family and the destruction of his discovery.
—Mikel Polanko

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